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Interested in coming? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Dress is a mixture of formal and informal. It is common to see jeans, shorts and t-shirts right next to people in their "Sunday best." Come as you are.

  • The service starts on time, but many people come early and spend time in our lobby area enjoying sweets and conversation.

  • We have nursery care for infants and toddlers, and children are welcome to join in the service, even if they are fussy. We also have toys and coloring books for younger kids who might get a little bored during the sermon time.

Looking to help serve?

The best way to help is to share your ideas and gifts.  Are you looking to help greet people as they come in?  Are you musical or artistic?  Are you feeling a calling to lead others in prayer or in scripture study?  The good news is we need all kinds of gifts and talents to help make each of these worship offerings the best we possibly can.  Just contact the church (352-357-5830), or signup below.  You’ll hear back from us soon with someone to help you get plugged in and using your gifts.    

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Briefly describe your gifts and talents and how you would like to serve